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Since 2003 we offer you a full-service for your property in Alicante. Home - Garden - Pool.

Our target is to offer a serious and professional work, giving you a good service with the best price.

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Property Service

Surveyors, architects, builder, house, garden and pool maintenance.

Apartments, hotels and rental car.

Government service, building permit, tax number, account opening, lawyer and tax consultant.


Campello Property Service gives you the experience and professionality in pool maintenance so you don't have to worry about it.
A bad maintenaced pool can be a fountain of issues: fungi, bacteria, viruses, algae, dirt, clogged filters, calcifications, oxides ... Don't let to anyone else the maintenance of your pool.
We keep the good look of your pool, with clear water, without any sediment, with a correct ph level and checking weekly the engine, filter and the remaining elements in order to expand it useful life.


The ground set up, the correct selection of ornamental species for it plantation and the efficient use of water are only a few of the many conditions for create a healthy environment with richness of species.

Design, mounting, garden maintenance, terrain set up, sowing and mowing meadows.

Pruning, fertilizer, mulch.

Control of pests and diseases (if you want ecologic).

Palm pruning and specific treatments against red palm weevil.

Technical Service

Our offer is based on the overall service quality, and technical knowledge of our specialists, the use of the right equipment and quality products, approved and eco-friendly.

Electricity: Air conditioner, electric heater, instalations, Sat TV - Parabolic.

Plumbing: Gas heater, leak repair, water and gas instalation.

Carpentry: Built-in cabinets, doors, kitchen cabinets.

Locksmithing: Automatic doors, repair of locks, shutters, doors Garages, aluminum, steel, stainless steel.

Windows: PVC and aluminum, high quality insulation and safety.